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How does Patchouli smell?

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What is patchouli? 

It’s time to take a walk around a market in the far east. A type of forgotten area… somewhere where the wonderful sounds of exotic instruments and merchant conversation waft through the air. Dried herbs perfuming in the scorching sun, and dust sweeping up under your boots-it’s the type of place where your senses go crazy… all at once.

And that is just what Patchouli is!

With the phrase making a recent resurgence in prominence, you’ve definitely heard it floating around in the cosmetics and fragrance sectors. There’s a reason behind it!

Patchouli is a notable perfume with a long history that reaches back to prehistoric times. “In roughly 1323 BC, the Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankamun was buried with 40 liters of patchouli oil, which early European merchants valued as highly as gold.” In all, patchouli has made a reputation for itself throughout the ages, and in recent decades it was most famous in the hippie movement of the 1960s.

But, before you throw your nose up at this “out there” perfume, let’s look at the scent itself and answer the question, “What does Patchouli smell like?” 
You will see – when you come to comprehend the aroma of patchouli, you will realize why so many people have appreciated it for so long. In fact, Fragrenza has hopped on the patchouli bandwagon, including it in several of our formulations. This permits us to have notes that are comparable to the famous brands on which our scents are based.

What does patchouli smell like? 

According to the definition, “a strong perfume derived from the aromatic essential oil of a Southeast Asian mint (Pogostemon cablin”),” Patchouli is an “evergreen perennial plant native to Southeast Asia with faintly aromatic leaves and white, violet-marked blooms.” It grows naturally at high altitudes in Sumatra and Java. “

So, if you’re thinking oriental, you’re getting closer to discovering what patchouli smells like.

What does patchouli smell like?

with both a good and a poor reputation.

First, the negative rep — an essential oil of choice for many eco-conscious people. Not long ago, people would apply this “heavy” perfume straight to their skin, with no additional perfume added. As a result, “it will forever be connected with the Sixties and the hippie movement—and not in a positive sense.” It has been said that it smells like a Grateful Dead concert. Fortunately, it has shed this image through time and is now at the center of the “Chypre” family of smells, which are most often characterized as warm and mossy-woody.

Patchouli seems to be full of surprises.

For example, it is also said to have a woody smell. “Amazingly, from those fragile-looking leaves emerges a sweet, spicy, smokey, cedar-y aroma so potent it must be handled with caution: patchouli is the most powerful of any plant-derived essence.” “Patchouli, on the other hand, is a must-have for perfumers because it adds depth to fragrances—and not just those heady Orientals.” “Patchouli is found in many chypre and powdery fragrances, mixing exotically with lavender, sandalwood, labdanum, bergamot, clove, clary sage, and vetiver.”

Are your senses heightened when you imagine how this perfume smells? Because they certainly are ours. With one of the world’s most potent scents, it’s no surprise that patchouli has long been associated with both good and evil.

Patchouli has a powerful reputation, both literally and metaphorically. It “has a strong, somewhat sweet, enticing aroma.” It has a rich, musky-earthy fragrance characteristic that is suggestive of moist soil. “

So, there you have it: interesting spices mixed with the mysterious smell of old wood and soil.

Patchouli smells intriguing, right?

To be honest, we’ll be the first to confess that this description doesn’t sound very nice, and it certainly doesn’t seem like it belongs in a perfume. But let us return to the “good” from above. Patchouli was probably used by perfumers all over the world to improve the smell of flowers, citrus, spices, and other scents.

Many scents would not be the same without this amazing plant oil.

Patchouli smell

It is known for being sensual and elegant, and several companies, including Dior and Tom Ford, have made fragrances that focus on its oriental scent.

“Patchouli may be too strong on its own, so companies like Gucci and Chanel have changed the original scent by mixing Indonesian patchouli with other floral notes like bergamot to make a scent that is usually worn by men more feminine.”

When mixed with many luxury fragrances, you may not even notice the overwhelming aroma at first. Most likely, you will smell its warmth and seductiveness, which are both typical of woody and oriental scents.

Patchouli, with its earthy perfume, is by far one of our favorite oils to combine.

Patchouli’s complex and perhaps contentious past fascinates us at Fragrenza. When it comes to the essence of scent, it is the utmost for us. A perfume bottle that creates emotion is timeless, time-tested, and full of aroma.

As previously said, we have included this aroma in several of our perfumes, with a few notable bottles among them: Gourmand Orange Blossom — inspired by Lancome La Vie Est Belle $29, Oriental Oakmoss — inspired by Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle $29 Musky Oakmoss for males ($29), inspired by Creed’s Aventus ($29), plus a few more. You may also experience the brilliance of Patchouli and experiment with whichever aroma best fits you, since the company is currently providing incredible discounts on numerous orders.

Are you ready to fall in love with Patchouli by discovering the perfect blend for your nose?

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