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New from Chanel: Chance Eau Tendre Touch-Up

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New from Chanel: Chance Eau Tendre Touch-Up
New from Chanel: Chance Eau Tendre Touch-Up

Chance Eau Tendre Touch-Up by Chanel, a fragrance presented in a new format!

If the house of Chanel displays such longevity and a worldwide reputation, it is quite simply because it combines refinement, creativity and innovation. Chanel never seems to be short of ideas and thus revolutionizes the world of beauty year after year. This time, the brand has decided to present us a whole new format of perfume. Chance Eau Tendre is revealed in a small nomadic box to take absolutely everywhere with you. Forget the traditional bottles! Chanel has literally modernized the world of perfumery!

The new bottle of Chance Eau Tendre Touch-Up

If you follow makeup trends at all, you are probably familiar with cushion foundations. They are literally all the rage in Asia and have also taken over the US and European market in recent years. They come in small, compact boxes and contain a fluid foundation or tinted cream as well as a small cushion. The idea is then to press on this puff to absorb a little product before dabbing it on the face. Cushion foundations have the advantage of slipping easily into a handbag. True nomadic products, they allow you to carry out small beauty touch-ups during the day.

However, it is precisely this technology that is inspired by the new bottle of Chance Eau Tendre Touch-Up. Unlike classic perfumes, Chance Eau Tendre Touch-Up does not come in liquid form. It is similar to a kind of gel and comes in an elegant packaging in the shape of a pale pink plasticized shell. A small cushion is also inserted inside. This applicative sponge dabs on the gel perfume and then applies comfortably to your skin. Here again, the Chance Eau Tendre Touch-Up fragrance is a nomadic product, a real olfactory revolution that will never leave you!

Chance Eau Tendre Touch-Up, a sweet olfactory poetry

Chance Eau Tendre Touch-Up is inspired by Gabrielle Chanel, a designer who has always believed in her luck. This poetic swirl displays a flowery and fruity sweetness. Chance Eau Tendre Touch-Up contains exactly the same scent as the eponymous perfume presented in a standard format. It is a fresh and delicate juice, a real thrill of tenderness. Chance Eau Tendre Touch-Up begins with a contrast between the bitterness of grapefruit and the sweet delicacy of quince. It then becomes more poetic on contact with jasmine and white musks. Chance Eau Tendre Touch-Up is a round and feminine juice, a real lucky charm to take absolutely everywhere in your daily life. Chance Eau Tendre Touch-Up is aimed at all optimistic women who are always on the move. It is a real opportunity to seize and never to let go!

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