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New Guerlain Terracotta Contour & Glow palette

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New Guerlain Terracotta Contour & Glow palette
New Guerlain Terracotta Contour & Glow palette

Guerlain’s Terracotta Contour & Glow, the makeup palette to enhance your complexion

Believing that only a foundation is enough to enhance your complexion is a big mistake! In fact, to get a porcelain complexion worthy of the highest podiums, you have to be inventive and combine several formulas. Between foundation, loose powder, blush or even highlighter, it is not always easy to know where to start and which colors to choose. To support its customers, the Guerlain house has therefore decided to bring together a whole beauty ritual in a single palette. The Terracotta Contour & Glow already promises to make your life easier!

Terracotta Contour & Glow, a palette inspired by the ocher earth of the desert

Terracotta Contour & Glow, as its name suggests, is a derivative of Guerlain’s iconic Terracotta . It must be said that this sun powder is a real bestseller! Since its release in 1984, it has never ceased to be talked about. Moreover, a case is sold to this day every 20 seconds on the planet! Inspired by the ocher earth of the desert, Terracotta has brought more lightness to the world of make-up. Until its appearance, women tended to favor very covering and opaque foundations. Unlike the latter, Terracotta gives the illusion of naturally radiant skin. Thanks to it, your face shines with solar radiance 365 days a year!

The four powders contained in Terracotta Contour & Glow

This time the Terracotta comes in four different ways. Indeed, the Terracotta Contour & Glow case encapsulates four compacted powders. The first, the darker, has a matte finish and is used to sculpt the face. It is applied in a localized way on the natural shadow areas of your skin. It gives more depth to the latter and acts as a real contouring. The second powder, the one in the center, displays a more golden glow. It is a sunny powder, the formula of which is very similar to that of traditional Terracotta. A rosy blush has also been added to the set, to give your cheekbones more freshness. Finally, a highlighter highlights your face, and brings an additional finishing touch to your makeup.

The exotic scent and cosmetic benefits of Terracotta Contour & Glow

Finally, benefiting from all of Guerlain’s expertise, Terracotta Contour & Glow also conceals other advantages. First of all, the formula of this powder is rich in care active ingredients. In other words, Terracotta Contour & Glow is very hydrating. It preserves the comfort of your skin for the whole day and limits the sensations of tightness. Day after day, the face becomes smoother and more radiant. At the same time, to let your imagination wander into an exotic elsewhere, Terracotta Contour & Glow is enriched with a floral and gourmet fragrance.

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