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New Hair Mist My Paris Yves Saint Laurent

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New Hair Mist My Paris Yves Saint Laurent
New Hair Mist My Paris Yves Saint Laurent

Mon Paris Hair Brume, a hair mist based on the famous Yves Saint-Laurent perfume

What could be more attractive than a long feminine hair? Sensual attributes par excellence, hair capsizes men’s hearts and highlights the most glamorous part of your personality. What’s more, these effects are even greater when they emit a delicate fruity and romantic scent in your footsteps. However, it is not at all recommended to spray perfume on your hair. Indeed, fragrances contain alcohol, which tends to considerably dry out the hair fiber.

To offer you a beneficial alternative for your hair to the use of perfume, the Yves Saint-Laurent house invites you to discover the brand new Mon Paris Hair Brume. This hair mist is specially designed to preserve your hair fiber while depositing the scent of the eponymous perfume on it.

Mon Paris Hair Brume, another alternative to the use of perfume

Mon Paris Hair Brume is a hair mist that is directly inspired by the success of the Mon Paris perfume. Presented in a small crystalline bottle, it deploys a subtle, romantic and stimulating scent on your hair. At the same time, know that it does not contain alcohol and therefore preserves all the beauty of your hair. This product goes even further by helping you hydrate them and fix the core water of your hair cells. Mon Paris Hair Brume acts here as a real protective treatment and as a soothing shield. What’s more, it’s also a great alternative to using your favorite Mon Paris perfume , especially on hot summer days.

Thus, Mon Paris Hair Brume prevents you from staining your skin during sun exposure. What’s more, its scent is less opulent than that of the perfume from the same range, which is more pleasant when the barometer goes up a notch. Mon Paris Hair Brume preserves all the soul of the original Yves Saint-Laurent perfume, in a fresher formula that respects the hair.

The fruity scent of Mon Paris hair mist

My Paris Hair Brume by Yves Saint-Laurent has a scent very similar to that of Mon Paris. He reinvents the family of chypre juices and combines two varieties of patchouli as well as three different white musks. At the same time modern, hypnotic and daring, its breath does not lose any of its original romanticism. My Paris Hair Brume lights up with flowers and gets drunk on datura, peony and orange blossom. A concentrate of absolute desire, it is aimed at all the sparkling women of our time and envelops them in the fruity breath of pear, strawberry and red berries.

On the aesthetic side, it is presented to us in a bottle very similar to that of the Mon Paris perfume. However, Mon Paris Brume Hair has a frosted glass that is never before seen in the collection. Her precious rose elixir shines through her heart. Resolutely chic and modern, the bottle of Mon Paris Brume Hair is elegantly decorated with a bow tie tied at the top, and designed from a delicate black silk ribbon. A golden cassandre, engraved with the brand’s initials, finally adds a touch of additional refinement to its design.

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