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New perfume Dior Rose Kabuki

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New perfume Dior Rose Kabuki
New perfume Dior Rose Kabuki

Rose Kabuki by Dior, when the world of make-up meets that of perfumery

Among the biggest perfume houses, it must be recognized that Dior occupies a special place. A true nugget in the world of luxury, this brand has an innate sense of style while preserving its authenticity. However, this is precisely all that can be found in the Private Collection. This blend of perfumes brings together exceptional fragrances, made from precious materials. The raw materials contained therein are among the finest varieties in the world. They are treated with delicacy, in the purest tradition of high perfumery. Today, the Private Collection is enriched with new flavors, in particular the Rose Kabuki fragrance.

The Private Dior fragrance collection is growing

The Private Collection of Dior was born in 2004 from an ambition: to highlight the ancestral and traditional know-how of Dior on the aromatic level. Initially, this range of luxurious perfumes included 12 mixed references including the famous Bois d’Argent to which we owe the trend of Iris in perfumery or Leather Oud which highlighted the wood of Oud. However, the Private Collection also contains floral fragrances such as Colle Noire, the most avant-garde notes such as Cuir Cannage as well as oriental essences such as Ambre Nuit.

Rose Kabuki, a powdery juice

Before being a perfume, the kabuki is a small round and wide brush which is used to apply make-up, and more particularly to perfect the complexion. Thus, it is precisely from this universe that the new Rose Kabuki from Dior is inspired. Moreover, it comes in a light pink color reminiscent of blush. However, don’t get me wrong, this floral scent is meant for both men and women. It contains a powdery scent, at the same time romantic, poetic and all in lightness.

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