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New red Volupté Plump In Color YSL

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New red Volupté Plump In Color YSL
New red Volupté Plump In Color YSL

Le Volupté Plump In Color, the ideal lipstick for a shapely and girly smile

Lipstick is more than just a beauty product. It is a strong symbol of femininity and emancipation. Indeed, for several decades now, it has been supporting women in their personal development. It reveals their most beautiful assets of charm and wants to be one of the most glamorous accessories there is. Lipstick is also constantly improving. Its formula no longer just coloring your mouth and also brings a whole bunch of other benefits. YSL has developed a number of lipsticks in its Volupté range, with the Volupté Shine and the Volupté Lip Color Balm .

Yves Saint-Laurent’s Volupté Plump In Color is a perfect demonstration of this change. Focus on its mirror shine, sparkling color and integrated skin protection.

Le Volupté Plump In Color, a sparkling color on your smile

The Volupté Plump In Color by Yves Saint-Laurent is available in six different colors, ranging from a discreet nude pink and ideal for everyday use, to a much more explosive and extravagant red. Each of these colors is rich in colored pigments which adhere perfectly to your skin and which withstand all the tests of everyday life. What’s more, the Volupté Plump In Color offers a shimmering effect. It captures the surrounding light and deposits it on your smile. Immediately, your face seems to be sparkled, as if directly illuminated by the spotlight!
The Volupté Plump In Color by Yves Saint-Laurent comes in a small silvery and finely decorated tube. It is belted at its waist by a chiseled and gilded ring, bearing the brand‘s initials. The color it contains also reappears on the background of the latter. The look of the Volupté Plump In Color is absolutely trendy, elegant and modern.

The soothing heart of Voluptuousness Plump In Color

The Volupté Plump In Color by Yves Saint-Laurent also contains a small soothing heart, benefiting from all the cosmetic expertise of the Yves Saint-Laurent house. This appears in the bevelled surface of the Volupté Plump In Color grape. No, this black heart doesn’t just have a decorative aspect! It actually contains a formula rich in many benefits.

To do this, it revolves around three major ingredients widely recognized in the world of beauty. Coconut oil here takes care of your smile by depositing on it its many fatty acids, vitamin A and vitamin E. It helps your skin to fight effectively against environmental attacks, and in particular free radicals, the main ones. agents responsible for skin aging. It is associated here with pomegranate, which acts against oxidative stress and restores elasticity to your skin. Thus, the Volupté Plump In Color preserves all the comfort of your smile. Finally, mint gives it a unique sensation of freshness that makes your lips feel instantly plumped.

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